What is Washi Tape and what we know

Indulge In Making Craftwork With Japanese Masking Tape UK In Your Spare Time

Masking tape is mostly an industrial item which painter’s use before applying paint on a surface. Though, there is a different stationery variety which you can use to make craftwork. Masking tape comes in a variety of widths and the adhesive glue in it is the crucial element to its usefulness. Both the industrial array and the craftwork variety have the unique ability to come off without damaging the surface. There is a strength determining meter which mostly judges the adhesive strength of the item, but you won’t need it while making works of art. The washi masking tapes are durable enough to hold detachable artwork pieces together.





Start with a bottle

Since masking tapes are industrial, you wouldn’t find it suitable for craftwork. Actual masking tapes don’t have much variety, but Japanese masking tape UKis something which has the potential to become an object of obsession. Spray paint is fine, but it comes with several health hazards if you aren’t careful. The best idea to start a do-it-yourself artwork project is with a bottle of glass. Soak it in a vessel of hot water to remove any labels present on it. After that, wrap designer washi masking tape of your choice. Design it with a horizontal or vertical pattern.

Cocktail stirrer

How often do you treat guests, friends or family to parties at your home? There are times when you keep looking for ways to make a party more special, but it is not always possible to buy a costly drink. It is not a barricade that will hold you back when you have Japanese masking tape UK.When you are having a summer backyard cookout, use the tape to make a drink stirrer look cute. A toothpick is not a pricey item, and neither is a masking tape if you choose to buy it online. Internet-based stationery sellers have masking tapes of unique and pretty styles that you can wrap around the top portion of a toothpick and offer it to your guests as a drink stirrer.

Spice it up

If you have a kid, then you know the joy behind the smile of the child. Often, being a parent, the job of helping out, regarding project work, rests on your shoulders. It also happens quite often that you run out of ideas to create something that is of designer quality. Masking tapes come in handy during such a situation where you can create fun patterns and designs with this tape giving it a perfect decorative sidekick. You may even use to add a splash of color to the kid’s playroom like an impermanent wall painting. You can also use it create rounded shapes with the help of a pair of scissors.


The versatility of washi masking tape is awe-inspiring. You just can’t run out of ideas of washi tape usage, and there is a possibility that you may start spending hours designing projects of your likeness. Masking tapes come with a warning which states that you have to be careful while using it otherwise you will end up forgetting important housework that you have to complete.

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