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Evolution Eraser
Evolution Eraser

Evolution Eraser

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Two-sided eraser. One end depicts our ancient monkeylike ancestor and the other a modern human. It all adds up to more than just a theory about how to correct mistakes. Erasers sold individually. Available in black and Beige

Designer’s Bio 

Hiroyuki Shiratori was born in Chiba (Japan) in 1984 and lived in Germany for a while after graduating from the Tama University School of Art.. Upon returning to Japan, Shiratori began working freelance, and is currently participating in various projects in several different fields in addition to working as a designer.


    • Eraser shaped like the evolutionary path between primates and Homo sapiens.
    • Designer: Hiroyuki Shiratori.
    • Size: 60 x 30.5 x 55 cm
    • Color: White or Beige.